Full Throttle: Part 2

I received an update on this project recently. After considering the original design, the customer forwarded an illustration of what image/style they specifically desired. After hours of work on the original submission, I wanted to see how I might be able to alter my illustration to better fit their idea. After some trial and error, I simplified the design and roughened the stroke on each and every shape that makes-up the motorcycle. The effects made the illustration look more hand-drawn and still allowed for personalization (difficult to see on this posted image). No confirmation yet on whether the client approved of this version or not, but the Creative Director I'm working with said it would work. 


Key Concepts

After a couple different versions, this is the end result of the design of a Realtor's magazine ad. Initially the client was looking for some ideas and the Creative Director and I developed 3 solid designs to present (see below). After a few days of inspection, the customer came back with a rethought design. Above is the final ad.


Sheepish in Wolves Clothing

I'd never volunteered to participate in a photo shoot, but this was my last project at this job and I wanted something to remember this one. We (the photographer and the co-art director) hired two hockey players and reserved time on a local rink to get some great shots for our high school sports catalog. After about 45 minutes of taking product shots it was time to have a little fun with the time we had left. So I put on the mascot costume and had to take a few minutes to get used to working with oversized feet on the ice (definitely not made for that). I took a few turns as goaltender (thankfully using soft foam pucks) then getting checked into the boards. Only thing I was really worried about was loosing a couple toes. Thankfully that didn't happen and I made sure to keep a couple raw images to remember the project.


Full Throttle

I love those projects that I can really get into. This one didn't start that way, but it helped when things went right. A friend who I've worked with before requested I do a motorcycle illustration for something he was working on and I jumped at the chance to work on something unique. He said not "cartoony" and not too detailed, but something he could later dismantle and change the color if he wanted to. This took a few hours, but like I said, it helps if you enjoy what you are working on and things seem to be "going well" (like shapes seeming to fit together well, colors and shading turn out good, etc.) as you're working. Haven't received word back from him yet, but I'm hoping it's something he can use. We'll see.


Blast From The Past

After seeing one of Minute Maid's recent TV ads, I thought I'd post one of my designs/illustrations that I produced in college. This was a promotional poster done for the Central Minnesota Arts Board back in 1997/98. I was never paid for the work, which is never good, especially for a college student, but I was just starting to experiment with computer graphics and design (as you can probably tell) and was just excited to hear that they chose my idea to produce. At that time, that was enough.