Softly Sketching

I'm very excited to start work on illustrating one of my friend's newest books and here's an early sketch. Without a deadline this time, I'm now able to take my time and illustrate with the detail that I enjoy. It's starting out very well and can't wait to design the accompanying layouts. I'll post updates as I go.


Seasonal Work

One of my past employers contacted me a couple weeks ago asking if I could help out with some photoshop work. Evidently the issue was that their due date on a couple of their largest catalogs was moved up an entire month. My role was to help out with imprinting products (usually on of the most time-consuming tasks). This involves designing an imprint, warping it to fit the perspective of the shot, and applying any relevant filters (depending on the focus and grain of the photo). Some of these can be quite labor-intensive when the frame area is quite detailed and needs a clipping path. In certain circumstances I need to apply an adjustment layer just to locate the borders I need to work within. And to make things even more difficult, 20-30% of the shots are on reflective materials which means doubling the work. Click on the image to see a larger view.