MCAD Class

As a kick-start to illustrating again my friends and family got me a seat in a Children's Book Illustration class! Here's just a couple of the four final projects I was working on. Thank you to the friends and family who chipped-in on this awesome gift.



Having access to small "ATC" cards, I thought I'd take photos of houses I liked when delivering furniture. A project I regret starting too late, but still might continue with more public buildings in the future. Thanks to my wonderful wife's Copic markers to add some color. I'm sure she'd say I need more practice.


Sketchbook Update

My increased interest in unique buildings (partially influenced by my daytime job) has fueled another drawing (above). Already starting another subject and looking for an interesting way to add some color.


Book Update

Almost finished with a book that has been a blast to work on. Waiting for one more page (last minute rewrite), finalizing layout design, and cover concepts.


Future Architectural Sketchbook?

Took a recent trip to see the Weisman and decided to do a little sketching. Maybe this is a good start to that sketch book I've been planning. Another goose page will be coming up later this week.


Freelance Options

Needing some extra income and to keep my logo design skills sharp, I've started profiles on at least one freelance/contractor site. One had a post for a local hockey team that needed a quick logo. This is what I'll post and we'll see what happens. Wish me luck.

2011 Main Project

This is a sample of the main project I'm currently working on. It's turned into more of a project than I originally thought, but nights and Mondays are spent on this "goose" and it's finally coming together. I'll post more updates along the way.

2011 Update

Thought I'd post a couple images of some freelance projects I'm doing for extra earnings. Once these projects are completed I will post final images and details of the project.


ApolloWebs Logo Final

Above is the final version my customer chose. It was a little tough to convert to an effective black and white version and is more like a banner ad than I'm used to. But I've learned a little more about freelancing from this project (like how you should protect your work before you receive payment) than previous projects and will make necessary adjustments for the next one.


ApolloWebs Logo Update Pt2 (3 and 4)

After receiving some feedback, my client wished to go in an alternate direction and after a few sketches and numerous vector attempts that just didn't seem to develop into anything, things began to solidify around this theme (top image). Although this logo may not easily transfer to a two-color or one-color versions, it may not be as important as I'm used to, especially when it's main use is for a website.
Something occurred to me while exploring options for the first image. When I rotated and warped the image, it reminded me more and more like a sundial (instant link to Apollo, middle image). This idea lead to the bottom image (and my personal favorite). I'm still working to simplify it and experiment on some color variations. Seems cold right now but I still like it.


ApolloWebs Logo Update

To replace the disaster that was the Adobe logo reincarnated, I designed this simple and effective option. Above are three versions (full color, two color and B&W samples) designed around a red pixelated sun symbol (Apollo)and an blue arrow (webs/computer systems). This is my favorite and will await word from the client on how he would like to proceed.


Project: ApolloWebs Logo Design

Met with someone recently to design a company logo. After meeting with him for a few minutes and getting some details about the company, I said I'd have a few concepts to him within a few days. Above are the concepts I've come-up with so far (maybe I'll think of another one to add later). Oh yes, and my subconscious made an appearance with the second concept. I thought I was onto something big until it was pointed out by a few people that it looks like the old Adobe logo. I knew it seemed too easy. I'll post an update on which one was chosen or if there's any new ideas.


Catalog Update

Finished recently, this 5.5" x 8.5", 12 page catalog was done for a client who was extremely open-minded and forthcoming with any information I needed and any creative ideas she wanted to convey in this business venture. We connected through my very talented agent/interpreter and even without meeting her in-person, started with a few product samples, a business card, and a few ideas (and a tentative schedule, of course). I started on some ideas for a layout and after approval, went ahead (unknown to the client) and developed a logo. Seemed like the catalog would be faceless without some sort of company branding. Everything went relatively smoothly throughout the entire project and there were very few revisions.


Softly Sketching

I'm very excited to start work on illustrating one of my friend's newest books and here's an early sketch. Without a deadline this time, I'm now able to take my time and illustrate with the detail that I enjoy. It's starting out very well and can't wait to design the accompanying layouts. I'll post updates as I go.


Seasonal Work

One of my past employers contacted me a couple weeks ago asking if I could help out with some photoshop work. Evidently the issue was that their due date on a couple of their largest catalogs was moved up an entire month. My role was to help out with imprinting products (usually on of the most time-consuming tasks). This involves designing an imprint, warping it to fit the perspective of the shot, and applying any relevant filters (depending on the focus and grain of the photo). Some of these can be quite labor-intensive when the frame area is quite detailed and needs a clipping path. In certain circumstances I need to apply an adjustment layer just to locate the borders I need to work within. And to make things even more difficult, 20-30% of the shots are on reflective materials which means doubling the work. Click on the image to see a larger view.


Blog Header (Fall issue)

Here's my completed Fall version of the blogger's header design (see previous post).

Pat Balder

A former colleague's friend had exhausted his original graphics budget on something he wasn't entirely pleased with. After talking with him about his unique situation and some of the details, I agreed to spend a limit of 3 hours on this (left) flyer in exchange for future project consideration. He was pleased with the outcome and I will post our future projects when they're completed.


Final Logo Design

After taking a little break, I decided to experiment with alternative styles and rethink the theme behind the logo. A majority of the time, I see company/client names involving actual subjects making it much easier to brainstorm ideas. This name was more of an idea focusing more on the service the client provides than the actual name of the company. In addition, I needed to find a compromise between an effective color combination based on her initial ideas, and one that will work with the website template she had already chosen. I started with a simple new idea based on an old illustration of an open door. That's it. I then toyed with the relation between the emitting light and the negative space while attempting to retain the shape of the house/building.