Having access to small "ATC" cards, I thought I'd take photos of houses I liked when delivering furniture. A project I regret starting too late, but still might continue with more public buildings in the future. Thanks to my wonderful wife's Copic markers to add some color. I'm sure she'd say I need more practice.


Sketchbook Update

My increased interest in unique buildings (partially influenced by my daytime job) has fueled another drawing (above). Already starting another subject and looking for an interesting way to add some color.


Book Update

Almost finished with a book that has been a blast to work on. Waiting for one more page (last minute rewrite), finalizing layout design, and cover concepts.


Future Architectural Sketchbook?

Took a recent trip to see the Weisman and decided to do a little sketching. Maybe this is a good start to that sketch book I've been planning. Another goose page will be coming up later this week.