COMET Advertisement

After finishing the trailer graphics (see previous post), the sales staff needed a flyer to attract customers (mostly schools) to schedule a presentation. Attempting to remain within budget and because the trailer had just been completed, no shots had been taken for publication. It might not have been the best weather (raining), but I grabbed the company's digital camera and took various photos from outside and inside, making attempts to shoot from angles that would make the trailer appear larger than it is. I even recruited a coworker for demonstration purposes. Due to the poor lighting at the time, Photoshop was used to clean and brighten-up the images that I chose to use.

COMET Graphics

A caravan of trailers were purchased as part of a plan to streamline the presentation process for the company's sales staff. Eager to tackle this project, I worked on some concepts (bottom) by acquiring images from the manufacturer and using various Photoshop tools to mock-up designs and present them to the company. A reduction in the project's budget meant some simplifications to the original design, but I modified the design to a version that pleased everyone involved (top).  Illustrator and InDesign were also used in the transfer of any complex image files to the installer.


Catalog Referee

To continue the sports theme for a School Spirit catalog, I developed and illustrated this referee character. Inspired by an old sports reference book which visually illustrated each of the referee's hand signals, I created various symbols for quick shipping (shown), a guarantee, customer questions and others. 


Tradeshow Button

As part of a promotional campaign for distribution at an annual tradeshow, I attempted to design all the requested information onto one 3'' button. With a website address, catalog logo, phone number, as well as the name, year and theme of the tradeshow, it seemed like it might get a little crowded. But using the longest line of information more as a border ( it freed-up some space for the rest. 



These trucks were a quick return on a request for a realistic, but simple-looking illustration. This is an example that sometimes it's easier (for me) to sketch an idea first, then recreate it in Illustrator.


Bears Don't Wear Shoes

After a deciding on which photo to use, there was still an issue with this mascot. The costume was nearly complete but the feet were not available at the time of the shoot. I used Photoshop to clone existing parts of the costume, dodge and burn tools to add or subtract highlights and shadows, and color hue and saturation adjustments to match the "new" fur to the existing surroundings. Shadowing effects were then used to simulate the legs overlapping the new feet. 


Return Postcard

A business reply postcard meant to communicate how the customer (schools) can use funds to purchase products and supply or request additional information by tearing off, filling out, and sending in the questionnaire.

Product Diagram

A design that is meant to show how a group of products related and operated with one another. Check out more of my illustrations and page concepts on


A sketch from an early drawing class in college when I thought I would go into illustration (rather than Graphic Design).


After illustrating a list of standard mascots, I attempted to incorporate a different character into the lineup. This design wasn't produced, but thought the file was worth holding onto.

Product Instructions

Travel Illustrations and Symbols


Varitronics Logo

Company wanted to update their original logo (bottom) to a more modern design (top) to accompany it's new product line logo. This meant incorporating similar characteristics while producing a design that is strong and looking as though it predated the existing logo.

Product Line Art

This line art was produced in Adobe Illustrator and is to be used for various uses, most likely for fax communications and solicitations to customers. Since it was not for a technical use, more emphasis was directed more toward visual perspective.

Prom Catalog Frame Layout

Always looking for something to make certain layouts and products stand out, I attempted some overlapping effects and a transparency to some of the copy backgrounds.

Prom Catalog Glassware Layout

Incorporating the colors of the photographs in the layout, I developed a ribbon-like border style which replaced the hard-edged layouts the year before.

Prom Catalog Theme Layout

After working with the photographer in directing the shoot and choosing from the group of shots from that day, I placed the image, then sampled a key color in the shot for the ribbon of color that borders it.

2006 School Spirit Catalog

This cover was complex because some of the products, when originally shot, did not match in terms of color. This issue was resolved through some work in photoshop. The main logo was time consuming, but worth the extra effort. Through photoshop it was recreated to appear as a jersey or letter jacket patch.

2005 School Spirit Cover

This was also a fun cover to produce. We hired the best models that we had worked with throughout that year's production, had one of our coworkers put the eagle mascot costume on, and supplied them with some ideas of what we were looking for. After choosing the right shot, I photoshopped the snowflake and wind effects, but wanted a warm look for the logo which appears directly over the models who are wearing winter clothing.

2002 School Spirit Cover

This was one of my favorite covers. Glow products were the highlight of that year's products and my project manager requested that showcase them in some way. I worked with the photographer and, with a delayed or open shutter (operated manually), I made a "scribble" background for each product. Then, with a combination of multiple shots and some photoshopping, created the title background.

PLATO Projects

This is a group of illustrations I designed for various freelance projects for a local company.

Tradeshow Souveniers

Project Managers needed various items to hand-out or giveaway from their booth at annual tradeshows. Here are two pins (lapel pins) and a merchandise tag (center) that were developed.

Animal Pin Concepts

These Adobe Illustrator files were in response to a request for a line of animal pins for development and sale in a company catalog. These weren't produced, but I didn't want to discard these original files.

Wobble Top Development

I designed these "Wobble Tops" for production (top), and later, for sale in some of the company's catalogs. Multiple versions of each were sketched until final designs were sent for final production. There a few others that was never made, but were developed (bottom).


In my first professional Graphic Design position, I started with a wide range of illustrations for various products. There were many different ideas that needed to be developed, which helped in developing versatility and a productive work ethic.