ApolloWebs Logo Update

To replace the disaster that was the Adobe logo reincarnated, I designed this simple and effective option. Above are three versions (full color, two color and B&W samples) designed around a red pixelated sun symbol (Apollo)and an blue arrow (webs/computer systems). This is my favorite and will await word from the client on how he would like to proceed.


Project: ApolloWebs Logo Design

Met with someone recently to design a company logo. After meeting with him for a few minutes and getting some details about the company, I said I'd have a few concepts to him within a few days. Above are the concepts I've come-up with so far (maybe I'll think of another one to add later). Oh yes, and my subconscious made an appearance with the second concept. I thought I was onto something big until it was pointed out by a few people that it looks like the old Adobe logo. I knew it seemed too easy. I'll post an update on which one was chosen or if there's any new ideas.